Onmyoji Arena Shikigami Guide – Easiest Characters For New Players

When you have several characters in Onmyoji Arena, it might make you confused in picking the right and easy to play characters, especially if you are a new player. Onmyoji Arena is a MOBA game consisting of different kinds of characters, called as shikigami. Like other MOBA games, Onmyoji Arena too can be a little complex when you are playing it as a newbie.

Here, we have compiled some easiest characters that can make your battle somewhat easy to play.


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Easy To Play Shikigami

Karasu Tengu

Karasu Tengu is a melee attacker and belongs to the samurai class. Karasu can also be played as a damage-oriented tank. The passive trait of Karasu is Purification Wings that brings damage depending on the maximum HP of the enemy; as a result, he becomes more effective against tanks.

Another passive trait is Wiry Feathers that works great in reducing the attack damage taken from other characters.

Active abilities

  • Nightmare Crow – This ability helps in escaping a bad situation.
  • Blade of Justice – This ability gives more mobility than normal.
  • Deadly Flock – This ability brings burst damage and is used when there are many enemies near death.



Hakuro is a marksman that works as a ranged damage dealer and helps the most when supported by the teammates. She is played to give huge damage to any team. The passive trait of Hakuro is Perfect Shot which enables her to improve the range when she levels up. It enables her to deal with heavy damage. It means Hakuro is more than a glass cannon, do a lot of damage and can easily escape. But when she is caught, she would not last long.

Active abilities

  • Swift – This ability helps in escaping and also increases her movement speed.
  • Scatter – It is actually a spray of arrows that brings damage to any enemy it hits.
  • Mind’s Eye – This ability enables to focus on a single enemy, especially tanks.

Yuki Onna

Yuki Onna is a mage which means she can deal with mainly ranged magic damage. The passive trait of Yuki is Dusk Snows which enables her to deal additional magic damage to the slow enemies. Another passive trait is Snow Maiden, which is a stack shield which allows her to gain a Snowflake. When she gains 3 Snowflakes, she gets a shield that helps in exploding and dealing damage.


Active abilities

  • Marshmallow – This ability works great to deal with clusters of enemies.
  • Frost Breath – This ability is highly effective with Dusk Snows and helps in dealing with magic damage and slow down the enemies.
  • White Out – This ultimate ability creates a blizzard at a certain position.


Umibozu is a hybrid tank or support and is highly capable of controlling enemies and keeping himself alive. He can heal himself on the front line and can absorb damage which can damage other shikigami. His passive trait is Big Catch, helping him in collecting fish to heal himself.

Active abilities

  • Sashimi Snack – This ability helps in recovering HP and rewards armor and magic attack for 5 seconds.
  • Waterspout – This ability is used to create a waterspout at a particular position.
  • Deadly Surge – This ability creates three waves which are used to deal with magic damage.
  • Tsunami – This ultimate ability also creates three waves in a specified direction.

After mastering these easiest shikigami, you can master others as per your game style.