Guide To Play Mouba Effectively In Onmyoji Arena

Mouba is one of the shikigami in Onmyoji Arena gameplay which is quite difficult to learn and play with. Whether you are expecting fantastic damage or defense out of this shikigami, you will always get the unsatisfied results. Mouba is a tank and a nuker which effectively play as a mid laner.

When it is used as a jungler, it gives okay results and you can also play this shikigami as a support. So, obviously, you will be wondering about what makes Mouba unique.

She has three abilities – Tea of Forgetting, Netherworld Tune and Godspeed. The Ultimate ability helps her in increasing movement speed constantly for 13 seconds.


What Mouba Does & Can Do To Play Onmyoji Arena Effectively?

  • Mouba is not good enough in the toplane as other shikigami can easily counter her, especially, puppeteer, tanuki, kuro, yuki, shishio, ryomen, satori and many others. When using it in the toplane, each shikigami as a tank, samurai, and support can overcome her with great ease and make her useless. This will lower the chances of winning the toplane. You can win if either your enemy jungler is not too good or you are against toplane or your jungler is good enough.
  • If you are thinking of playing Mouba effectively in Onmyoji Arena, she will work better after level 6 as a jungler than a tank or a toplane. In previous levels, she is not good, so it is advised to use her actively after you reach level 6 as she can easily support the lanes and clear the jungle.
  • Mouba is extremely good with a hybrid formed in the jungle or with a tank formed in the bottom lane and here she can be used as a support.
  • When you want to use her against mage, she helps a lot in bringing damage to the enemies. What makes her good against mage is her mobility and damage depending on AP (Ability Power). You must also know that if Mouba is used as a hybrid in the toplane, she will surely be lost half of the damage as she is not capable enough to deal a lot of damage. She is not good to sustain playing in the toplane.
  • In the jungle, Mouba helps her team in the lanes and when used as a support, the chances of her survival increase. Also, using ‘Ultimate’, you can trigger a shield and take out the enemies from the battle.
  • Mouba is never a good choice to play at the top. Also, if you want to win 1X1 game, playing her as a support is the best idea to include Mouba in your battle. But, as a jungler, she is rather better than other options to play with her.

There is quite more to learn about Mouba, which you will understand in a better way when you use her in your gameplay. Mouba is not necessarily recommended for newbies, as it is little difficult to learn, so if you are not used to this gameplay it is better to choose some other character.