Onmyoji Arena logoOnmyoji Arena is a part of hit Onmyoji series, created by NetEase. It has a vast character base to develop Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA). This game holds the exquisite Japanese aesthetics and unique voice capacities to reliably reproduce Kyoto in the Heian era. The game consists of innovative designs of maps. The Shikigamis are the characters of game.

Players from all over the globe are connected to each other and are battling to govern prime. The game is fun to play, and the players get novel MOBA experience. The company claims 1M+ downloads worldwide.
The game provides together the view of exotically elegant Heian era with 3D map building. The game was released in the beginning of September 2014. The game is currently active on a version 3.0.68.


Currently, there are 55 Shikigamis are battling in the game and all of these belong to any of the following categories as described below:
SamuraiIn Onmyoji Arena, Samurais refer to the physical DPs, who usually farm at top positions in the map.
These characters include Hannya, Ibaraki Doji, Innugami, Inuyasha, Jurugumo, Karasa Tengu, Satori, Ryomen, Kuro Mujou, Puppeteer, Shishio, Shuten Doji and Yoto Hime.

KiyohimeMages have run mystical harm, and they usually farm in the middle lane of the map. They include Aoandon, Enera, Hangan, Higanbana, Kingyo, Kiyohime, Maestro, Menreiki, Shiro Mujou,Yuki Onna and Susabi.

KankoMarksman includes Hakuro, Jikikaeru, Kanko, Chin, Futakuchi, etc. They are the sharpshooters present in the game.
Others types of Shikagamis include Ninja, Tank, and Support type Shikagamis which perform the tasks assigned to them to help the players.

Optimizations and Adjustments

  • As Mid-Autumn Festival is nearing, the Heian-kyo lobby has been decorated with the autumn landscape.
  • Optimized the team forming rules: The tier level of the room owner will no longer be used to determine whether teams can be formed. Instead, it will be determined by the overall tier situation of teams in the room.
  • Added new exclusive interactive actions and idle voice chat during the battle for Shuten Doji’s Great Spirit skin, Demonic·Lord. The price will be increased to 198 Skin Tokens.

How to get Onmyoji Arena on PC or MAC

With Bluestacks

Onmyoji Arena for PC


Logo BluestacksThere are many emulators that you will find out on the Internet to download Onmyoji Arena, but most trusted and recommended is Bluestacks. It is said so because Bluestacks is the easiest to use emulator and it is quite easy to operate as compared to others.To download this game with Bluestacks,do the following steps.

  • Download Bluestacks from their website.
  • After downloading, install it on your PC.
  • Go to the desktop and open the emulator, wait for a moment while it opens
  • After installing emulator, go to search bar and type Onmyoji Arena.
  • A window will pop up in second.
  • Read the instructions, install the game, and enjoy it.

Install Onmyoji Arena on PC

With Nox

Onmyoji Arena with Nox


Nox logoNox is one of the most trustworthy emulators present around the globe. As said earlier Bluestatcks is the first recommended emulator, but if the user does not want to use that, then NOX is in the list of the good emulators. You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to google and download NOX emulator.
  • In downloads, open it up and install.
  • After installation, open the emulator on desktop.
  • As emulator opens, you will find built-in play store.
  • Open it up and search Onmyoji Arena.
  • Download the game and enjoy it.

Play on mobile

Logo AndroidThis game can also be downloaded on Android devices. Android users can fill their thirst of playing this game. You can run Onmyoji Arena on any android device having version 2.3 or later. This game will not start downloading on the earlier versions.
Logo iOSYes, this game can be downloaded on IOS.IOS users can enjoy this game. Onmyoji Arena could be run on any device having IOS 8 or later. Users with earlier IOS’s can’t play this game.
Availability on Windows phone:
Unfortunately, this game is not available for people using Windows phones.
Availability on Chromcast:
No, this game is not available on Chromcast.
Availability on Kodis:
Yes, this game is available on Kodis. Users can play this game easily on Kodis after reading instructions and following all the steps accurately.
Availability on PS4:
PS4 version is available for this game. All user has to do is to put in CD in it and enjoy. You can also play online.
Availability on Xbox:
You can play this game on the Xbox using the controllers.

Many paid features are also available so that the user can get premium features of the game by spending some real-life money. Some features open as the player in game grows old but there are some features which can be only opened by paying real-life money, and these features make the user premium.

Best features of Onmyoji Arena

Onmyoji Arena for PC
Basically, this game is user-friendly. Users don’t need to work hard to get it,just search it in the play store, click once, and it is installed in your device. Moreover, this game is very easy to play. An amateur can easily understand after playing just 1-2 games.
Space friendly:
Although, it consumes 2.1 GB of your space on the device, well it works for the PCs because you get some excellent features. So, reserving this little space in your PC and getting that much features is not a bad deal at all.
Free of cost:
This game is absolutely free of charge except for the premium features. So it is quite a moment of joy for the user that they can get their desired game for absolutely no money paid.
Occupying 2.1 GB of your device, the game provides some excellent video graphics that the user will cherish for a moment. Such great quality of video in free games is surprising.
Sound Quality:
The users are provided with some extraordinary sound effects. Also, the voices of the Shikimaris are the real-life Japanese actors and actresses.
Japanese City:
The game provides information about the Japanese city Kyoto which can be useful for the user in real life.
Heiran Era:
The game also allows the users to cherish the aesthetics of Heiran Era, which is quite beautiful, especially for the users who love history.
One of the best features of the game is that it is multiplayer. Users can get interacted with the random people and their friends sitting hundreds of miles quite easily.
The game provides with an excellent option of communication between the players so that they can share the strategies about what to do further in the game.
Runs Smoothly:
This game runs quite smoothly on the devices and the user does not feel his/her device being heated due to this game.
The user reviews are great about the game. They like it very much and have rated it 4.3/5, which shows that the game has received quite an appreciation from the users.

Latest Events

Tea Time
Event Period: 12th September 2019 after maintenance to 19th September 2019. Oitsuki’s epic skin, Tea Time, is now available. Get 12 percent off them, from 12th September 2019 to 19th September 2019. Grab your lucky chance!!
Autumn Full Moon
Event Period: 12th September 2019 after maintenance to 22nd September 2019. You can gather under the full moon to the sweet smell of mooncakes. During the event, participate in Ranked Matches or Casual Matches and receive Mooncake: Raw.
You can use Mooncake: Raw to exchange for mooncake gift boxes of various flavors. Exchange 5 gift boxes to receive an avatar frame in the flavor of your choice!


  • Who created Onmyoji Arena?
    The game developers NetEase created this game in the beginning of September 2014.
  • When is the new version of the game coming?
    The new version of Onmyoji Arena comes after every two months approximately, so we can expect the latest version by early November.
  • How to report a hacker if the game gets hacked?
    It is not a complicated process. If you ever feel that your account is being hacked, contact the game management as early as possible through e-mail or by going to ‘help,’ you will get a good piece of help.
  • Is there any PC version of the game?
    No, unfortunately, there is no PC version of the game, so you cannot play it on direct steam. But no worries, you can enjoy it by downloading with the help of an emulator.
  • How to play it on PC?
    You can play it on PCs easily by downloading emulators and then installing the game. Remember that you should download only reliable and recommended emulators such as Bluestacks or NOX etc, so that the game plays well. If you download any other regular emulator, you might install spyware or some virus in your PC too, or the game you installed through some random emulator may lag and not work properly.
  • My game is crashing frequently, what to do?
    If your game crashes frequently, there might be multiple reasons. First of all check if your PC meets the minimum specs as required by the game.Other issues may be cleared if you restart your game or your PC, disable antivirus and extraneous software, etc.
  • I want a refund of in-app purchases, please help.
    If you want the refund of in-app purchases, all you have to do is go to play store or appstore,check order history, find the purchase that you want to get the refund of, and finally hit the Refund button. It’s an easy process, but you have to do within the 48 hours of purchase.
  • I can’t log in to the game, it says invalid credentials, but I am sure that I have input correct details, please help.
    If you ever face this kind of condition, try logging in after some time, or close your game and open again and then put the details. If it still doesn’t work, try to login with some other account.
  • Can we play solo?
    Yes, you can play on the solo mode in this game. If a user wants to play the game without any team, that feature is also available in this game and that person can enjoy solo mode of game.
  • How to earn more coins?
    It is quite easy to earn the coins in-game, just play 3-4 times a day, and you will have a considerable amount of coins after a week, nearly 8-9k or more. Another way of earning more coins is to do more farm, and if we play the game quite frequently, we also get some coins in bonus as a reward, like if we play 150 games, we get a number of coins as a bonus reward.
  • What to do if i can not download the game?
    If you can not download the game, check your internet connection, or free up some memory of your device so that you can download it easily and enjoy. There might be some other technical reasons, so come back and reopen the play store and try again to download the game, hope that it would work.
  • Does Onmyoji Arena require internet?
    Yes, this game requires internet to download. After that, there are the needs of updates too. And as it is a multiplayer game, so to connect to the outer world, you need to connect your device to the internet. Onmyoji Arena works perfectly if you have considerably fair speed of internet available.
  • What is the review of the game?
    There is a total of 1M+ users of the game, who have rated the game as 4.3/5 which is quite an appreciative number of rating.
  • Do we get any rewards(bonus)in the game?
    Yes, you do get bonus coins and points as a reward if you play the game too much.
  • Does this game seek for the permissions?
    Yes, this game seeks permission before it starts. You have to give the permissions to play the game.
  • How many types of heroes are present in the game?
    There are 6 types of heroes in the game. All the 55 characters are belonging to any of these types.
  • How many users does this game have?
    There are more than 1 million users, who are enjoying their lives with this game.
  • What is the latest version of Onmyoji Arena?
    The latest version of Onmyoji Arena is 3.68.0. This version of the game was released on September 6.2019.
  • What to do when it shows can’t connect to the server?
    When the game shows can’t connect to the server, it means that your device is not connected to the internet. So, connect to the internet and try again.